Frontier supercomputer

The Frontier supercomputer was installed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2021. It produces around 1.1 exaflops at 30MW and a water flow rate of 5,900 gpm.

Frontier: 1.1 exaflops at 30MW and 5,900 gpm.

supercomputing pod

Following our technology this single pod is estimated to produce 18 exaflops at 35MW while consuming 2,400 gpm of cooling water. i.e., 16 times the performance at around the same power dissipation and half as much cooling water. This advance is enabled by dense packing techniques and more energy efficient cooling.

In summary, a single pod as proposed

  • 18 exaflops at 35 MW and 2,400 gpm

          – if thermal performance can be demonstrated

12 pods in a circular arrangement: 216 exaflops and 28,800 gpm

The power station is moved to an upper or lower floor

We offer a new thermal paradigm

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