IFTLE 545: Chiplet Definition and Standardization

The following blog by Phil Garrou provides a welcome discussion about chiplets, including a standard definition.

I wanted this blog to cover the recent whitepaper by Siemens’ EDA division on chiplet model standardization, and it will, but first I need to go over some introductory material on chiplets, and specifically, chiplet definition. Let me explain why.

As part of the work that I do with the government. I have been helping ascertain onshore microelectronic advanced packaging capabilities at:

  • U.S. IC fabricators
  • U.S. assembly/packaging houses,
  • Defense industrial base (DIB) companies.

While those overall results remain proprietary of the government, I can tell you that my biggest surprise was the number of companies (mainly in categories 2 and 3) that were not clear on the meaning of chiplets. Many of the companies responded that they were fabricating chiplet modules in the US, which on further questioning turned out to be simple multichip modules (MCMs) or standard systems-in-package (SiPs).

When you realize that I was talking to supposed senior professionals in packaging, (not MBAs), this result was a bit shocking. One giveaway was when I asked what communication protocol was being used for chiplet communication in the modules, and the response was “I don’t know what you mean.”

Anyhow, it became clear that the chiplet definition needs to be reviewed until it is understood by everyone. For those of you who feel this is a waste of your time because you are already educated, my apologies.

Read Complete Blog: https://www.3dincites.com/2023/01/iftle-545-chiplet-definition-and-standardization/

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